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Monday, January 4, 2010

Peshawar girls on a rickshaw

Peshawar girls on a rickshaw

Students of a well known medical college pose atop a Qinqui rickshaw during a field trip in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Stunningly beautiful, these hot blooded Pathan babes sure know how to create a winning photoshoot. This is truly a striking cultural representation of the modern day female inheritors of the ancient Gandhara region, almost Graeco-Roman in their beauty.

Qinquis are now ubiquitous in the northern regions of Pakistan due to their low cost, increased seating capacity and easy import through the land routes from China. Most are brought over the Karakorum highway on ancient the Silk Road. They seem to be taking over the market from the erstwhile popular modified Vespa rickhaws.

Peshawar girls on a rikshaw

Pakistani ladies group

A rather grainy, amateurish yet still glamorous photograph of a group of Pakistani ladies posing at a party. Silk and satin make Pakistani girls, and they sure know how to turn on the charm. Sassy, sexy and exuding confidence of a kind that can make men drool, these ladies know how to pull your strings.

Just look at the mischief in their beautiful eyes!

Pakistani ladies looking glamorous

Kaleidoscope from Pakistan

Kaleidoscope from Pakistan

A group of Pakistani girls, like a whorl of petals on a beautiful blossom! Hypnotizing and mesmerising, the beauty of these ladies coupled with their exotic outfits is sure to tickle your fancy! A kaleidoscope of beauty, culture and attraction – the ladies of Pakistan are just one reason that makes this land of the Indus what it is!

girls lying flat on bed

Getting Ready

A rather elegant girl getting all ready and dressed up. No doubt, Pakistan has some of the hottest girls in the world. Notice if you will her azure dupatta matching with her bangles. One of her golden bracelets also complements her dyed hair.

Girl getting ready

Girls in Shalwar kameez

Girls in Shalwar kameez

Here we see a group of Pakistani friends at a party. Notice the outdoor canopy in the background. Clad in traditional party attire, these Pakistani females are wearing shalwar kameez and sari. Shalwar kameez is worn principally in Pakistan (known as salwar kameez in India). Derived from the ancient Persian dress of a similar type, the shalwar kameez is the national dress of Pakistan. It has evolved in many beautiful types, and Pakistan continues to dominate the internatioanl shalwar kameez market.

The Sari on the other hand is an ancient Graeco-Indic creation in vogue since the Vedic times. Heavily influenced by European (principally ancient Greek) dresses, the Sari is now the most commonly worn female dress in India. It is also worn in Pakistan, usually as a party dress.

Shalwar Kameez girls

Khyber College Girls

Here we see girls of the Medical College in Peshawar on their field trip. You’d be hard pressed to find so many beautiful girls in one single photograph! They’re sitting on the banks of a stream in the North West Frontier Province of Pakstan. Notice the picturesque bed of pebbles contrasting with their beautiful clothes.

The two girls in the pink and blue shalwars look especially photogenic. Their clothes complement each other and the environment, creating an impressive effect. Whether Pathan, Punjabi, Sindhi or Baluchi, Pakistani girls prove yet again that when it comes to style and beauty, no other women in the Subcontinent compare.

Pathan girls

Beautiful Girl in Blue

Beautiful Girl in Blue

A beautiful girl from Northern Pakistan is pictured here sitting on a wooden fence. In the background is what appears to be an olive grove.

Northern Pakistan is home to wild olives called kahu. These olive forests are reknowned for their durable timber as well as scenic beauty. Found mostly in Hazara, wild olive forests can be a great place to go for an outing or picnic.

The girls of northern Pakistan are well known in for their great looks, this lady being no exception. The colour of her sandals matches with her turquoise shalwar kameez. With a smile as beautiful as her figure, this girl proves yet again that when it comes to beauty, Pakistani girls rule the subcontinent.

Beautiful girl in blue shalwar kameez

Girls in Dubai

Two beautiful Pakistani girls from Dubai have sent us some interesting pictures. They appear to be relaxing and enjoying themeselves at a local restaurant or cafe. As is apparent, one lady’s resemblance to veteran Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee is striking. The warm earthen decor creates a beautiful ambience, focusing our attention upon their sultry complexions and beautiful smiles.

Which part of Pakistan do they appear to be from? Can you guess?

At a wedding

Two beautiful Pakistani girls at a wedding. The venue appears to be one of the so called “marriage halls” that are prevalent across Pakistan. A peculiarity to the Land of the Pure, “marriage halls” are stand alone ballrooms dedicated solely to weddings and associated parties.

This may be due to the fact that weddings are usually the only parties ever held in the country in public. These venues do brisk business all year round, more so in the winters.

Pakistani babes at a wedding

Sexy Girls rule!

Sexy Girls rule!

Pakistani girls are amongst the sexiest females on the planet. And no, they don’t have to dress skimpy to prove it. Sexiness can come in many shapes and sizes. From the humid marshes of the Sindh delta to the slopes of the Himalayas, Pakistani girls prove time and again that when it comes to being sexy, nobody else compares.

Nowadays many Pakistani girls are into western clothes. From tight fitting jeans to low cut tops, Pakistani girls are showing off their beauty like never before. However, traditional Pakistani attire like Shalwar Kameez has also come into its own. Shalwar kameez, for example, has spawned an entire fashion industry to rival the most prestigious brands in the world.

The term “sexy” has an entirely new definition when it comes to Pakistan. Before the sexual revolution, women actually flaunted their attractiveness in entire different ways. The ancient Mughal ladies, for example, wore clothes to ostensibly cover their entire person. However, the sheerness of the fabric and the cuts created intense interplays of sensuality. It appears that Pakistani girls have inherited the same tradition of sexiness.

Sexy Pakistani girlsgirl in a blue and golden shalwar kameez

Pakistani babes are the best!

Pakistani babes are the best!

Babes from Pakistan are really taking over the glamour world. An ethnic combination of various races, Pakistani girls derive the best from a variety of gene pools. In an area the size of Texas, you’ll find all sorts of ravishingly beautiful women. At once light skinned, fair, dusky and dark, the variety of Pakistani babes you’ll come across is truly mindboggling.

Hailing from the bloodlines of the ancient Vedic Kshatriyas, the Graeco-Indic Gandharas and clad in the ancient Persian shalwar kameez, Pakistani women are sure to impress.

Two Pakistani babes

Pakistani babes can be easily differentiated from their counterparts in the subcontinent. Usually fairer, with creamy complexions, Pakistani chicks are known for their elegance. Incredible looks coupled with sharp wit, intelligence and the ability to have fun, they can breathe life into any gathering.

Pakistani chick in pink

Girl At a Mehndi

Girl At a Mehndi

Three traditional looking Pakistani girls at a Mehndi reception. In Pakistani culture, a wedding is usually spread out over four or more days, two of which are the Mehndi or Henna functions held twice at the bride and groom’s homes respectively.

At the Mehndi, the bride to be is decorated with beautiful body art created by using of mehndi or henna paste. Henna is a plant, the leaves of which are ground into a thick paste. It creates temporary body tattooes that are deep orange or rust coloured.

Pakistani brides get a real glamorous look by applying Mehndi. We’ll have more on mehndi in the future; right now, let’s take a good look at these charming ladies in waiting!

Pakistani ladies at a Mehndi event

Elegant in white

A beautiful Pakistani girls with rather Seraiki-type features in a distinctly Pakistani shalwar kameez.

The white pearl coloured shalwar suit contrasts with her dusky complexion, while her features exude a beauty that is conspicuously Indic.

This, my friends, is what Pakistani girls are all about.

Pearl coloured shalwar suit

Ayesha Omar

As part of our website’s new focus on celebrities from Pakistan, we present Ayesha Omar in all her sensual glory. Ayesha is an acclaimed television actress and producer. Graduating from Lahore’s National College of Arts, she made a name for herself on the various private television channels.

According to various undereducated guys found loitering around the Pakistani streets, Ayesha Omar is one of the hottest celebrity chicks in Pakistan. Commanding a loyal following of legions of fans (okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration), she’s often the subject of celebrity gossip.

Here we present one of Ayesha’s pictures from her trip to Thailand. As always, the lovely Ayesha is looking as glamorous as ever. More pictures to follow soon!

Ayesha Omar in Thailand

Girls dancing during Basant

Girls dancing during Basant

Someone has sent this dated picture of a group of Pakistani girls dancing fervently on the occasion of the festival of Basant. As is customary during the spring kite festival, the colour yellow is prominently displayed during the festival – in peoples’ dresses, the embellishment of the kites and the decorations throughout the city.

Basant is an ancient tradition of the city of Lahore and its adjoining areas, comprising kite flying, all night dancing and even floodlit kite flying parties during the night!

Pakistani girls dancing during basant

Life imitates art

A Pakistani girl doing her hair standing before a painting of – guess what – a Pakistani girl doing her hair! They say life is an imitation of art; here we see it happening before our own eyes. As we can imagine, the artist may have used a model for his painting. Whether this girl is consciously imitating the girl in the painting, we can only speculate.

It may be a subconscious reflex, or merely coincidence! She watches the painting, while the camera watches her. Surreal!

Life imitates art - literally!

Golden Girls

Golden Girls

Red and Green, Sindhi Style

Two pretty girls in red and green shalwar kameez. The lady in the foreground flashes a rather mischievous, almost naughty smile. These girls appear to be Sindhi, as can be gauged from their complexions and features. Sindh is the region that spreads from the boundaries of Seraiki Punjab all the way down to the Indus delta.

It has seen civilizations as ancient as Mohenjodaro (Mound of the Dead), and cities as modern as today’s cosmopolitan Karachi.

two Pakistani girls in red and green shalwar kameez

Golden Girls

Two beautiful girls in golden shalwar kameez pose for the camera. Pakistani girls dress comfortably with versatility, equally at ease in Eastern and Western clothing. Sometimes, creative designers create unique fusion designs, incorporating the best of both worlds.

Pakistani girls wearing golden

Captivating Girl eyes

Captivating Girl eyes

A beautiful Pakistani girl looking absolutely ravishing. Here’s a lady who’s got a mischievous, sassy look about her. Looking up, facing down…theres something rather intriguing about a lady who looks up at you.

beautiful girls

At the exam center

Here’s a scene that’s often seen at our colleges. A pretty desi girl sitting an exam at a college somewhere in remote Sindh. Her shalwar kameez seems to be made out of the sheer “lawn” material, made of cotton. The sea-green clothes contrast starkly with the brown background. What’s really interesting is that the lady behind her is also wearing blue/green!

Making eyes at you

Here we see another cute photo of Amal, lazing on her tummy while fixating longingly at the camera. She’s wearing an argentum colored eye shadow with light makeup. They say you can tell what’s in a girl’s mind by gazing into her eyes. What do her eyes say?

We don’t know about you, but we think this chick is kinda cute!

Girl in Independence Day

Girl in Independence Day

Pakistani girls all dressed up for the 14th of August celebrations. Brandishing flags painted green and white, Pakistani girls sure know how to celebrate their national day. Today is the 61st independence day of Pakistan. This means that someone who was born at midnight, the 14th of August 1947 is 61 years old now.

Pakistan came into existence 61 years ago as a country for the Muslims of India. Born after great sacrifices by people from across India, Pakistan was a dream turned into reality by the magnificient personalities of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal.

4 of a kind

Pakistan is home to a staggering range of ethnicities, ranging from Hazarajat to Makrani, and everything in between. The four provinces contain a large number of subethnicities and diverse languages. In this picture we see four beautiful ladies posing for Pakistan, one for each region.

Happy independence day everyone!

Girl in Pink

Girl in Pink

A beautiful Pathan girl from a university in Peshawar stands before the imposing ochre building running her fingers through her auburn tresses, lost in thought. The leafy foliage creates a serene backdrop to this photograph, imposing an almost melancholy ambience. Feminine beauty that makes you contemplate about the mysteries of life.

The Frontier province today is ravaged with violence, an unfathomable tragedy to the immense natural beauty and legendary people of the region. Here’s to the beautiful ladies of Pakhtoonkhwa!

All dressed up

A girl called Rani has sent us her pictures from Spain. She’s obviously dressed up as a bride, modelling some of the latest bridalwear.

Notice the bodypaint on her arms – this is Mehndi, also known as Henna.

Medical student from Karachi

Medical student from Karachi

A rather pretty lady from Karachi has sent us her pictures. A medical student in Karachi, she’s sporting a rather cute nose ring.

Her name is Saleema, and she seems to be wearing a lab coat and is looking very attractive indeed! We’ll be putting up more pics of her shortly.

More of Wardah

More of Wardah

Wardah, the hot babe from Lahore appears again in another picture. Here she’s seen wearing a pink shalwar kameez posing in front of a mirror.

Wardah is studying at the University of South Asia and enjoys posing for the camera. We wish her the best for her future and hope she keeps sending us these cool pics!



Two pretty friends posing for the camera in what is a rather grainy photograph. One wear’s spectacles while the other wears only a smile.

This is a cute picture and one we thought definitely deserved to be up here.

Beautiful Faces

Beautiful Faces

Here we see a group of girls with lovely smiles flashing for the camera. Exuding a sort of exuberance and vivaciousness all around, only real Pakistani girls can manage to look this good.

Beautiful female form in the winter sun…what more can you ask for?



A beautiful Pakistani girl overlooks a bustling Western city through what appears to be a glass elevator. Lost in thought, she projects a serenity of form that makes for a rather dramatic photographic effect. Her black bag glistens in the crisp afternoon sun as she silhouettes the crisp azure sky.

Notice the creases on her outfit creating an intense interplay of light and shadow. Whoever thought contemplation could be this beautiful?

A pretty Pakistani babe in a glass elevator

Teachers from the Punjab

Teachers from the Punjab

A group of school teachers from a rural area in the Punjab have sent us their pictures. These two ladies seem to be relaxing during school hours, probably taking a break from work. Though no students can be seen in the background, the setting reveals what appears to be neem trees and shoddy rural brickwork of the type seen in Punjabi hamlets.

Female teachers in the Punjab

Girls at a Mehndi

Girls at a Mehndi

Here we see a throng of girls at a Pakistani mehndi event. Mehndi, Urdu for henna, is a traditional ceremony performed before a Pakistani wedding. Both the bride and the groom are decorated with elaborate body art created out of henna leaves, with the bride apparently getting more of the attention.

Combine botanical body art with nice music and curiously ethnic dance moves and you get a traditional “Mehndi”. Part of a four day wedding event, Mehndi can be great fun for everybody involved.

Pakistani babes at a Mehndi ceremony

Rayshum from Lahore

Pink Dupatta

A girl from Sialkot has sent us photos in which she’s looking candidly beautiful. A casually taken photograph of a naturally beautiful woman in a translucent pink dupatta. This lady obviously has a lot going for her with these ravishing good looks!

You can’t get more ravishingly Pakistani than this! The lamp in line behind her creates a halo effect around her, creating a warm and fuzzy glow!

girl in Pink attire

Rayshum from Lahore

Beautiful babe Rayshum from the city of Lahore is seen here in a variety of poses. Innocence combined with exuberance can be a exquisite combination, as is apparent from the photos submitted by this beauty.

Rayshum is extraordinarily enthusiastic about getting her pictures published on the website.

A cute girl from Lahore wearing a T shirt